Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dinosaur Eggs

Measured soap with dinosaurs
I decided to make some dinosaur eggs with all of the soap trimmings from the last several months.  Since I have a little boy that I have a hard time getting him to wash his hands, I thought that this was a wonderful idea.
Weighting the soap

I started by gathering all of my trimmed edges.  I have trimmings from the ends of the logs as well as from bevelling the edges of the bars.  The soap is the same as the bars except it is in smaller pieces.  I started by putting the bits in the crockpot a couple handfuls at a time.  To this I added a little bit of water.  I kept adding as the trimmings melted down little at a time until the crockpot was full.

After I got the soap all melted down, I added peppermint oil for scent.  After I got everything mixed I started measuring out the soap.  Since the dinosaurs aren't all the same weight and I wanted each of the eggs to have the same amount of soap, I weighted the soap on a cupcake liner for convenience.

Spread out the soap 
I had more soap than I thought.  I ended up with 29 eggs.  Because of the number of different colors of soap the soap for the eggs is wonderfully mottled.   I spread the soap out on the cupcake liner until it was flat.  I put the dinosaur in the middle of the soap.  Then I started by filling the crevices on the dinosaur before wrapping the soap completely around the dino.

After getting the dinosaur completely enclosed in soap, I made sure that the soap was fairly smooth, regular and egg shaped.  This was somewhat complicated because it took a while to get the soap to cool enough to handle and work with (i.e. hold it's shape).  I started with the tops.  I finished all of the tops before scraping all of the soap off of the cupcake liner and finishing the bottom.

After I got all of the eggs nice and rough shaped, I coated them with cocoa powder.  This contributed to the rustic look of the eggs.

Coated with cocoa powder
Formed eggs
The next morning I put the eggs on a rack outside my back door.  I put a fan in front of them and turned it on high.  I did this to blow off any excess cocoa powder.

Unfortunately, our dog was outside.  She had been eating eggs she found while she was at my folks house.  She snatched one of the eggs off of the rack and ran.  I managed to catch her before she actually ate it.  But of course I can't sell that egg.  I can use it for my kids though.  I managed to put her on her run line before she grabbed any more.  It just goes to show life is never dull and boring when you have kids or animals.

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  1. I'm laughing that your dog thought it was something good! What a surprise if she had actually bitten into that!!!
    Must have been the chocolate smell! I bet your kids are going to love washing with that soap!! A hidden dinosaur is such a cute idea!!
    Thanks again for sharing!


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