Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Soapy Valentines Packaged

Ready to add names
I have created a printable that I am using for the tops of the bags that I am using to close the bags. And I am using small treat bags with a couple of small holes for packaging.  Now I just need lists of all of the kids names.

Space for the names & warning not to eat contents
I made this printable so that the names can be filled in by each child.  Of course, I have school and church  parties.  This will make it easier to assemble.  I printed them on 80 weight cardstock.  I cut and trimmed them on a paper cutter but you could easily do it with scissors.  Each child will get 2 soaps.  The boys will get a heart and a shell and the girls will get a heart and a rose.

Breathing holes for the soap
The teachers will be getting larger hearts and they aren't quite to the point of being able to package.  The soaps are packaged in 3 x 4 treat bags that I trimmed about an inch and a half off of the top so that the labels would not be overly bulky.  Cold process soap needs to be able to breath at least a little bit.  Sealed in plastic bags is not conducive to breath-ability so I used my 1/16 inch hole punch to punch holes in each side of the bag.  Because the holes are so small they are not really noticeable.  Also they allow you smell the soap as well as allowing the soap to have some air circulation.

If you are not ready to try to make homemade soap with lye there is no reason mot to go with a high quality Melt & Pour.  Any mold that can be used for candy should also work fine for soap.  The molds that I used for these are actually candy molds.  Do be aware that most easily available melt & pour soaps still have commercial detergents.  There are companies that make it without detergents you just have to hunt a little harder.

I have included the printable below.  It is entirely my artwork and you are more than welcome to use it.

Printable - feel free to use it.

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