Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peach Pie Soap

Peach Pie Soap
This was a multiple step process.  This soap has embeds and I used cold process soap to make them.  To start with I needed to have peach slices for the soap. I am not a fan of melt & pour so I decided to go with cold process.

Peach slices
I started with a small recipe using the same oils for my main recipe that I mixed, coloring the entire batch with paprika oil.  I poured this into 2 lined 2 inch PVC pipe sections.  This was allowed to sit for 2 days before I un-molded it.  PVC can be difficult to un-mold even with being lined with freezer paper.  After un-molding, I sliced each round log in half before slicing.  These slices were set aside to cure for a day or two.

Top of the swirl
After getting my peach slices finished, I made the soap for the base soap.  After getting the soap to trace and adding my peach fragrance oil, I split the batch into 4 parts.  One part was only about a cup and a half.  This I reserved for the piped lattice on top.  The other three parts I kept pretty close to even.  I colored one with paprika oil, one with turmeric oil and the last one with titanium dioxide.  These parts were layered into the mold white on the bottom then peach and then yellow.  I made three layers in this order.  This minus my samples used all of my three parts of soap.

I got all of this soap in the mold and tapped it firmly on the counter to get any bubbles out.  There is little more frustrating than ending up with a bunch of bubble through your soap.  After tapping the mold, I used a skewer and swirled the soap in a horizontal circular pattern doing one end and then the other.  I really like to swirl this way because I usually get a nice feathery swirl.
Finished top detail

Once the soap was swirled, I added the peach embeds.  I laid them down one side of the mold and then went back up the other side.  This gave me a nice tight pattern.  After I had both rows in the mold, I pressed lightly down on them to be sure that they were fully in contact with the main soap batch.  Since my bars are tall and fairly thin I didn't want to have to worry about my embeds falling off of the soap when I cut my bars.

Now I was ready for the little bit that I had set aside for doing the lattice on top.  To color this soap I added just a touch of vanilla fragrance oil, as well as adding a touch of brown oxide.  Vanilla fragrance oil is well known for coloring soap brown and it also adds a wonderful warmth to the peach fragrance.  After using my stick blender to make sure that I didn't have any clumps of oxide, I decided  that the soap was thick enough to pipe with.  I used a disposable piping bag with an 1/8th inch hole cut in the tip.  I piped one direction and then the other making sure to fill in the spaces left by the peach slices.  I tried to make sure that the surface of the piping was pretty even.

This soap went pretty well all things considered.  I was really happy with the end result.  The only thing I am not happy with is that the turmeric colored part has already faded more than I expected.  I guess that next time I just need to make sure that I add a good bit more than seems necessary.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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