Friday, August 2, 2013

Cupcake Drama

So I have really wanted to make some soap cupcakes.  I started out by doing like I usually do, and measure and mix my oils and lye solution.   I brought the mixture to trace.  I got the mixture all molded and piped.  I put the cupcakes in the freezer thinking that preventing trace would help, and I put the samples in the oven to encourage gel since they were so small.

I even zapped myself for the first time with the lye.  It's no fun, but easy enough to remedy.  I rinsed my mouth out with water, then vinegar, then water again.  It did really feel like I had my tongue zapped with a strong battery.
1.Cupcake bases, 2.Cupcakes piped, 3.samples molded in an ice cube tray, 4.after thawing it has oil pooling on the top

When I pulled the cupcakes out of the freezer, I thought that they would be fine.  After sitting at room temperature for about 30 minutes, the cupcakes were starting to droop and oil was pooling on the tops of the cupcake bases that I had poured.  I was very disappointed to say the least.  Especially since I knew that these would have to be re-batched.  I got everything together, including a recipe with a lower superfat ratio.  After bringing the small addition to trace I started the crockpot on low and started adding the cupcakes slowly.  I cut them in pieces before I added each one to the pot.  I cooked this mixture just until it was gelled and then I just kept it hot until I was done piping.

1.Cupcakes out of the freezer (so moist the non-perils are bleeding color) 2.Re-batch in the crockpot  3. Molded mini cupcakes
This worked pretty well for the most part, except that I almost burned my hands on the hot soap in the piping bag.  After getting the bases filled with a spoon and tapping the trays to remove bubbles, I piped the tops onto them.  The only problem I had was getting clumps of soap stuck in the decorating tip.  After getting them all piped I lightly misted them with 91% isopropyl alcohol, this also helped the non-pareils to stick to the top as well as taking care of any ash.
Left side: full size cupcakes
Right side: mini cupcakes
It suds nicely without discoloration!
It was definitely a lot of work, but I think that they turned out pretty cute.  Also the soap lathers really nicely without any discoloration.  These are now posted in my Etsy shop.

I have sold several of these now.  One lady almost did take a bite out of one.  ;)


  1. Wow, these cupcakes are fabulous !
    Never knew so much went into the making of soap and most of all who could believe these cupcakes are SOAP ! They look great.
    Visiting from 'Sew Many Ways'.

  2. Wow...that is a lot of work. The cupcakes turned out great! They are SO cute!


  3. Hi your cupcakes look so good. I saw it on cupcake-n-bake.
    Julie from

  4. Your soaps look beautiful! I have featured you at Back to the Basics for The Creative Home & Garden Hop. Come on over and link up your latest creation!

  5. I would never have thought of making cupcake soaps. They look good enough to eat! Thanks for sharing!

    Please join us again Thursday at:
    The HomeAcre Hop



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