Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shaving Soap

It is harder to get the soap in the mold when it is
this thick.
Thanks to Bramble Berry Soaps I have a new fragrance oil to try out.  I received a sample of Shave and a Haircut in my order this month.

I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to use it in than men's shaving soap.  I decided to use some bentonite clay to give it slip.  I also used activated charcoal powder for coloring.  I added the charcoal powder to about 1/2 an ounce of glycerin to make it easier to mix into the soap.

Definitely clamp
I had a little extra  ;)
I made the mistake of soaping at a higher temperature so my soap thickened up really quickly.  Next time I will add the lye at a much lower temperature to make a nice swirl.  This time it will probably be pretty clumpy color wise.  I think it will still be a pretty soap.  I also learned that when using a PVC pipe as a mold not only do you need to line the pipe ( which I did) you also need to clamp that mold to the top edge of the pipe.  This I did not do and as I tamped the mold to get the soap all down in the mold, my liner slipped too.  When I unmolded my soap I found rather deep ( 1/4 inch ) lines in the soap where my freezer paper had slid down in the mold.  Next time I will cut off all of the excess and clamp before I start filling, instead of midway through.

All sliced and the color is definitely clumpy.
I unmolded and sliced after only 12 hours.  Since this recipe has beeswax in it I didn't want it to get too hard to slice.  As for the pipe, I got mine from my dad's scrap pile.  It was a piece that had been cut off of an new pipe and they saved it just in case.  You should be able to get a piece at a home improvement store or call around to your local plumbing companies.  I also used what is called a test cap for my bottom end.  These fit tightly and are really cheep.  If you are calling a plumber ask for this too, they usually throw them away.  ;)

This scent smells like what I imagine an old fashioned barber shop would smell like.  I like it a lot although I wouldn't use it myself since I am not a man.  ;)  It is a smell I would enjoy on my husband.  Now I just have to think up a fun name for it.

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  2. Even though the trace sped up a little, I love how your soaps turned out! Thanks for sharing. =)

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