Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where I am Headed

peppermint wake-up handmade soap
Coming soon for sale - currently curing
I have about 7 new soaps to add to my regular line-up as well as new seasonal soaps that will be coming very soon.  I have 2 more tea soaps and several bakery style soaps as well as several general use soaps that will be coming out within the next several months.
gingerbread man handmade soap
Gingerbread Man on Clearance

I also have all of my fall and Christmas soaps on clearance as well.  I apparently made more than was needed for the season.

peppermint stripe handmade soap
Peppermint Stripe - on Clearance

I have plans for a Rooibos Vanilla and a White Tea with Peach soaps for my tea soap line.  I also have plans for several bakery soaps: Lemon Poppy Seed, Blackberry Vanilla Cobbler and a Peach Pie soap.  I will also be adding a Goat's Milk soap, a Natural Flea soap, a second men's shaving soap, and possibly a shampoo bar in our general use soaps.

pumpkin bread handmade soap with real pumpkin
Pumpkin Bread - on Clearance

Among other things we may be moving sometime this year.  I look forward to bringing you lots of new and interesting soaps in the coming year.  Get ready for a wild ride folks.  It looks like that is what is in store for this year for my family at least.

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  1. I'll be watching for the goat's milk soap! You are so creative in the different "flavors" of soap -- its amazing!


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