Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Need Input

With this post I am requesting  comments.  I really need some outside input to help me weight out a decision.    My sister-in-law has convinced me to sell my soap at the local farmer's market.  Now my question is should I put my soaps in my Etsy shop or just sell them to friends and family and at the farmer's market.

I really love to make soap.  Part of it is the trill of the unknown.  You never know how a batch will turn out.  So each batch is a mini-adventure.  I also have plans for new scents/ types of soap.

So far I have made 8 batches of soap in the last several months.  However, my husband really doesn't want me to make more soap until I start selling some of what I have already made.  So far I have made lavender, chai, mint and poppy seed, unscented, dandelion w/ sweet orange oil, chocolate swirl, and peppermint oatmeal.  I have plans for a full line of tea based soaps.  I also want to make some decorative soaps as well, although that is not as clearly set in my mind.

If you have been following my blog you will have seen pictures of some of my soaps.  Although I do have to do some figuring to get a consistently sized bar.  I think that I have figured out packaging and pricing will also need to be figured out as well.  I am including pictures of the soaps that I currently have finished for those who have not been following my blog.
Chai Delight ( This one I need to make and 8 lb batch instead
of a 6 lb due to the size of my mold.)

Lavender Bliss (I will have to tweek this recipe.)

Peppermint & Poppy Seed ( This would be a great kitchen soap,
but needless to say these particular bars will be discounted due
to the color.  They smell and work great, but I really hate the way
the color turned out.)
I am kind of torn because I know there are a lot of really great soap makers out there, and I obviously have not been making soap for very long.  I really would like to be able to use things that I like to do to make enough money that I can stay home with my children.   But I also don't want my shop to be so piecemeal that it doesn't work well.  I am beginning to think that I might have a little bit of ADD.  My brain goes in way too many directions at the same time!

So any input would be greatly appreciated.  Please either leave me a comment or send me a message through my contact page.

Thank you in advance!


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  2. A few things...first, I think your soap is totally awesome, and if you're going to make it to sell at local farmer's markets I feel like there is absolutely no reason not to sell it in your shop as well. If you sell a bar or two to anyone locally and they absolutely love it, it would be awesome for them to be able to say to their family and friends "Hey you should try this soap out, you can get it online here..." Second, I wouldn't worry too much about your shop being piecemeal. If you have things you love to create and want to sell, then that's absolutely what should be in your shop! You don't have to be the best soap shop out there, you just have to have your soap available for the people who want it. And if it ends up not being worth your time or effort to keep it in the shop, then you can go back to just making it locally. But in this day and age, being able to buy stuff online is a huge plus!

  3. The more diversified the better! Your products look great so don't be afraid about selling them in an online shop like Etsy or at your local Farmer's Market. Don't worry if you have a number of different products-it just shows how creative you are-you obviously like what you do so go for it!

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  4. I think it is certainly worth a try, selling your soaps on Etsy - they look wonderful - let me know if you want me to review a bar on my blog!


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