Monday, July 8, 2013

A Place for Everything

Now, before my family gets all upset, no I am NOT perfectly organized!  I am still working on getting to that oh, so wonderful place in my life.  Although, I have come to the conclusion that it may not ever happen while I have children living at home or for that matter sharing a home with anyone.  :(  But it is still something to strive for.  I am always looking for new ways to keep my "stuff" (my husband's term) organized.  I have had a few good ideas over the years.  Of course, as I figure out how to best store one type of craft supplies, I decide to take up a new craft.  Believe me this is one of my husband's pet peeves with me.  He is amazingly patient about it however, at least most days.  ;)
If you use acrylic stamps that come in a folder the little mini crates work great.

Hang lengths of cloth on hangers to conserve space and make it easy to find pieces easily.

For shaped buttons use a divided box.  You can even write on the lid to make it easier to find specific themed buttons.
I have one for my pastels and another one for dark buttons.
For acrilic stamps that don't come in folders, use a 5 x 8 three ring binder and sleeves.  This really works well
and I need to get another binder.  I am totally out of room in this one. 
Use collapsible boxes for small pieces of material or storing material where you need neat storage
i.e. won't fall off the shelf at the least bump.
Wire shelves are great storing these collapsible boxes.  BTW, you can get them at lots of stores,
I got these at the Dollar Tree.  Isn't it awesome, and they have several sizes.
The plastic boxes with mini cases inside are great for really little beads.  This one has
seed beads in it.
The little cases also work in the same boxes that I use for my buttons.  These are the large
seed beads.  As you can see I have also made use of the jewelry bags that you can get
at almost any craft store.
I store my ribbon in recycled taper boxes.  I snagged several boxes from Walmart after Christmas when the
candles were all gone.  I did, of course, ask before taking off with them.  ;)  
I used a dowel through the end of the box and through the middle of the ribbon and then pieces of  manila folders in between the ribbon.   I used a stiffer piece of cardboard at the other end, I can pull this out to change the order or to refill something that is out of stock.  I use double sided tape on the side of the box to keep the ends of the ribbon from getting tangled in the bottom of the box.
Latch boxes are awesome for things like glue sticks.  I buy mine in bulk as you can see.  This
box holds about 300.

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