Monday, March 31, 2014

Lavender Bliss

Finished Soap
This is not my first batch of Lavender Bliss soap, but I didn't blog the others and I have made a few changes.  So I decided to blog about this batch.
Old design

I wanted to keep the basic recipe pretty close to the same only changing the design and the colors a bit as well as adding some silk to this batch.  The last batch I had only used purple and uncolored.  This time I wanted to add some white.  The last batch I did a hanger swirl design.  This batch I managed to pull off a drop swirl.  

I started by measuring out my water and lye.  I went with mostly water with about 4 ounces of ice.  I added the lye to the water but waited to add the ice.  I added the silk to the lye water and stirred it in.  

The swirl in the sample mold
After my lye water was mixed, I started to measure out my oils.  I reserved 3 ounces of my olive oil for the alkanet infused olive oil. I also reserved an ounce of olive oil to add zinc oxide to for my white.  After I got all of my oils into the bucket, I took my stick blender to blend out the palm kernel and coconut oil.  This ensures that the oil will all melt when I add the lye water to the oil mixture.  I added the lavender oil to my oils so that I wouldn't forget to add it to the batch.  

Swirl on the top of the full size mold
after pouring and before swirling
As soon as my oils were ready, I added the ice to the lye water and made sure that it melted before adding all of the lye mixture to the oils.  I blended the entire batch to just past light trace.  I split the batch into three parts.  I left one natural.  I added zinc oxide to the oil reserved for that purpose and added that mixture to one part of the batch.  To the last portion I added about 2 TBS of ground lavender buds and all of the alkanet infused oil.  

Top Swirl
I started molding by pouring the uncolored portion in the bottom of the molds, the full size and my sample mold.  Next alternating between the purple and the white I poured the remaining batter into the mold in three rounds.  I poured from about 4 inches above the top of the mold and went down one side before going up the other side.  The soap sank nicely down into the mold.  I could barely wait until it was ready to cut.  Since my last attempt at a drop swirl totally bombed I really wanted this one to turn out well.  
Close-up of the Swirl
My soap did gel, very quickly as a matter of fact.  I made the soap in the afternoon and when I checked on it that evening I could feel the heat from the gel through the wood.  I did get some soda ash but that will steam right off.  I decided not to add the buds to the top of the soap because they always just fall off.  After cutting I was thrilled with the results.  I think that you will agree that this time my drop swirl turned out beautifully.

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