Monday, March 10, 2014

Light Box Backdrops

Backdrop finished
 Now that you have a light box, you may need to have different backdrops to go in it.  Or you may be like me and just want to have options.  I like having options a lot.

Dowel in the corner
To begin with you need to choose your desired material.  There are options here.  You can use fabric, wallpaper, or any other flexible material.  Once you choose your material you will need to select your dowel.  I used a 3/8 inch dowel and added a 1 inch wooden bead to the end.  This will insert into the top rear corners of your light box to hold your backdrop in place.

Sides all neat and tidy
Next you will need to cut you material.  I cut mine about an inch longer on the side and about five inches longer than I estimated I would need for length.  This is necessary so that you will have space for the pocket at the top.  After you have you material measured and cut you need to ensure that you sides are neat.  Since I used material, I needed a side seam to ensure that the material would not unravel.  I will admit that in this case I cheated a bit. My sewing machine is kind of buried right now so I used a thin strip of hot glue.  This actually works pretty well although it can be stiff.

Top pocket
Next you need a pocket for your dowel.  Since I wanted to be able to switch out my backdrops, I didn't want to actually apply the material to the dowel.  I used the selvage edge for the top pocket so that I would not need to do extra finishing to this edge.  I used hot glue for this as well.  I folded over the material and made sure that I had enough space for my dowel so slide easily through the pocket.  After getting the spacing set I started to glue.  I only worked a 4 inch section at a time to ensure that I got good adhesion.  After letting the glue cool, I put the backdrop up in the light box so that I could properly measure the length.
Overhang on the front
When I had my measurement for the bottom edge I pulled the dowel out of the pocket.  I folded the material over to the desired length and then started to glue the edge.  I wanted the backdrop to hang over the front edge of the light box so that I wouldn't have any difference if I managed to catch the front edge in a photo.  This also makes it look more finished.

So far I have only made one backdrop, but using this method you can have as many as you want. So have fun and make your space a little more individual.


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