Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soap Mold

Materials and tools
I have been making soap now for a couple of months.  Up to now I have been using plastic containers as my molds.  However since we recently were able to re-purpose a fair amount of wood, I decided that it was time to make a wooden mold, especially since the only cost would be hardware.  I cut all of the wood that I needed from scraps of the wood that we used for the chicken coop upgrades.  I still think that it is pretty cool that we were able to do all that work without spending any money on wood.
Step 1

I was originally planning to make the mold all in one piece.  I was basically planning to make a box.  However, I got to thinking about it and decided that it would be easier to use if the sides were attached with hinges.  So on to the hardware store for the hardware.  I purchased two sets of 1" hinges and 2 sets of short gate hooks.

I started by attaching the legs first with basic 1" wood screws.  I used 2 screws per leg for added strength and stability.  I did have to tinker with placement just a little bit.
Step 2

Step 3
 After attaching both legs,  I then had to attach the hinges.  I started by testing placement with the hinges at the base by attaching it in between the boards.  After looking at it, I decided that it would be better to place the hinges underneath.  I screwed the  hinges to the base first and then the sides.  I used slightly shorter screws for the base.  This means that I don't have screws sticking through the base board.   I then screwed the hinges to the side boards.  When open the sides will both fold down to facilitate cutting and unmolding.

After the side boards were attached I then needed to use something to keep the mold closed when in use.  So enter the gate hooks.  I think that even though the sides are a little uneven that it will still work just fine.

Step 4

So tomorrow I am going to make a batch of soap so that I can use it.  ;)  After all any excuse to craft is a good one in my book.  I will update with pictures after I have made soap and molded it.

Step 5

All Finished


  1. Very cool! My husband would love this... he loves making soap as a hobby. Gonna have to pin this for him :)

    Found you from the Tatertots & Jello Linkup.

    1. Check out my post on the re-mode of the soap mold for the improvements.

  2. I love how you hinge & latch it. My dad is making my molds. I will have to show him your post so he can make the modification.

    1. Check out my post on the soap mold re-model for improvements on the original design.

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