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Silver Lining

Silver Lining  ;)
I promised to do a post on making your own colloidal silver, so here it is.  For those of you who are not familiar with colloidal silver, it is available at many health food stores and pharmacies and is usually quite pricey.  It is widely used by burn units all over the country and we are now starting to see it in bandages in the stores.

Colloidal silver is an inert suspension of silver in water.  The documented use of silver for medical uses goes back as far as Hippocrates.  Silver has been used on the battlefield for a disinfectant and treatment of some medical conditions.  Before I go any further, I am not a medical professional, and I am not offering this as medical advice.  By all means talk to your doctor if you have any concerns that require treatment.  There is no single cure-all for everything in nature or pharmaceuticals.  As with anything else, abuse or overuse of this solution can cause permanent problems.  That being said, I do believe that silver can be used as part of a natural medicine cabinet.  Silver has anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-microbial, including the antibiotic resistant strains.  Colloidal silver also does not create resistant strains to any other treatment.

In my research on this subject I have learned that what we make is actually ionized silver.  It is still safe to use, it just does not have as many silver particles in suspension as true colloidal silver.  True colloidal silver would be very difficult to make at home and very expensive also.

The Equipment
I personally do not take colloidal silver internally on a regular basis.  To me it has a metallic taste in water and to be honest I frequently forget about it.  My mother in the other hand puts a "slug" in her water at least once an day and she is a very healthy lady.  I do use it when I am coming down with a cold or a sore throat.  I will make up a cup of hot tea and instead of water I will use colloidal silver.  I have noticed that when I do this the problem clears up much more quickly.  We do not have insurance at this time, due to financial constraints and the fact that it is too expensive to get on our own.  As a result, we try to stay healthy so that we don't need to go to the doctor.  When we do need to go we simply pay for the doctor's visit, but that doesn't happen very often thankfully.

Detail of the power supply

Now on to the procedure.
Equipment: 1 - colored glass bottle to hold the finished product
                 1- quart jar filled with filtered or distilled water
                 1 - funnel for moving the finished product from the quart jar to colored glass jar neatly
                 2 - pieces of quality silver wire bent into a hook at one end
                 1 - cord with a plug and a ballast rated for 9V output
                 2 - alligator clips fastened to the ends of the cord, one to each wire
                 1 - timer set for 8 minutes
Alligator clips to the silver pieces

You can see the silver particles coming
off of the silver wire
After filling your quart jar with water, place your pieces of silver wire on each side of the mouth of the quart jar hanging mostly into the water.  They should not be touching or you might short out your circuit, not a good thing for your peace of mind.  Next you want to attach an alligator clip to the end of each of the pieces of silver wire, do this before you plug the cord into your socket.  After this is all set up, it is time to plug the cord in and start your timer.  You will see bubbles rising from on piece of silver and a white "mist" coming from the  other.  This is normal.  What you see is the silver particles coming off of the piece of silver and into the water.  If you add just a small pinch of non-iodized salt this will be more pronounced.  When your 8 minutes are up, unplug the cord and un-clip your alligator clips from your silver.  You are finished making your colloidal silver.   If you are like me and either forgot to set a timer or had to go take care of something, you will get a fine sediment in the bottom of your quart jar.  This is not harmful, it is just a little extra silver.  I usually just try to avoid pouring it into the jar for storage.  It is important to use a colored glass bottle for storage.  Light will directly effect the effectiveness of this solution.   After you have poured your colloidal silver into your bottle it can be stored indefinitely.  Clean up is easy.  Just wipe your silver pieces off with a paper towel and store in a safe place with the cord.
The black that comes off is entirely normal.  It is the
silver that didn't actually make it into the

Uses:  * Pink eye - apply one to two drops to the corner of the affected eye and blink.  Close the effected eye for 10 - 15 minutes. This will allow your eye to rest while the silver works.  This will burn a little, but it will clear it right up.
* Burns - use a bandage that has been treated with colloidal silver to cover and protect the burn.  This will help prevent infection.
The particles from leaving it too long.
* Sore throat, UTI, kidney infection - drink either 1 cup of colloidal silver made into tea (heat the colloidal silver and add a tea bag and if desired a little honey) and drink.  The tea will mask the slightly metallic taste of the colloidal silver.  The silver will kill any bacteria it comes into contact with.
* Abscesses or cold sores in the mouth - swish colloidal silver in your mouth for at least seven minutes, after which you can spit it out.

Again I am not a medical professional.  Please do not use these treatments without consulting your doctor.  Each situation is different, and while these remedies may work for me, they may cause you problems.  This blog is not for medical advise, but is a compilation of my personal journey and experiences.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through my contact page.


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